The Julia Backer brand

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Eyewear by Julia Backer

Julia Backer launched as an independent brand in 2019. Its ambition was to help women feel beautiful, elegant and confident, with signature eyewear design.

The collection takes inspiration from current trends and is influenced by prominent fashion house brands. It features a range of refined styles and colours, which are specially designed to complement different facial features and colourings.

Find a piece that defines your look and create your own signature style.

Designer Eyewear Philosophy

Effortless style, enduring quality and outstanding comfort are the ethos of the Julia Backer brand.

To us, the fit and feel of each frame is just as important as the design aesthetic. This is why our focus is on stunning design that’s also easy to wear.

The result is lightweight, elegant eyewear that feels luxurious and fits beautifully, following the contours of the face.

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Innovation and Quality

Julia Backer’s eyewear collection combines innovative Italian design, quality craftsmanship and exquisite detailing.

The collection is manufactured using premium acetate resin, high quality metals and innovative spring hinge components, which are precision manufactured by OBE.

The eyewear is finished to an exceptional standard, with highly polished frames and smooth functioning spring-loaded joints.